This engine is intended for new helicopters and for retrofitting the in-service helicopters.

It maintains the propulsion power under high and hot conditions to higher ambient temperature as compared to the TV3-117 engine early modifications, which improves significantly the performance of helicopters. The engine automatic control system permits to set the takeoff power within the range of 2,000 to 2,500 hp (depending on the engine application). All engine versions provide 2,800 hp in the contingency power condition.

The engine guarantees the retention of high flight performance of helicopters even if they are equipped with high-efficiency dust-protecting and exhaust-shielding devices.

Main advantages of the engine:

  • high reliability;
  • increased power maintained in hot and high conditions;
  • low SFC;
  • long service life;
  • easy in-service maintenance;
  • high repairability;
  • stable operation under conditions of heavy smoke and dust;
  • capability of long operation under maritime conditions;
  • low cost of life cycle;
  • interchangeability with early TV3-117 family engine versions.

Basic specifications: