D-36, series 4A

The D-36, Series 4A, engine is designed to be installed in the An-74TK-300 airplane.

High quality and reliability of this engine are ensured by the perfection of design of the base D-36, Series 3A, engine and high degree of mastering of the series production process.

Ease of the engine maintenance and possibility to perform its profound ‘on-the-wing’ diagnostics permit reliable on condition operation of this engine.


Main advantages of the engine:

  • low specific fuel consumption;
  • high degree of reliabilitye;
  • long service life;
  • low level of noise and harmful matter emission;
  • ease of maintainability and high level of repairability ensured by the engine modular design;
  • engine mount design permitting to install the engine at an underwing pylon;
  • availability of thrust reverser;
  • all-weather and all-climate design of the base An-74 airplane makes it possible to operate the An-74 TK-300 model in various climatic conditions, and availability of the emergency power condition permit the airplane to take off from high-altitude airfields (H = 4000 m).

Basic specifications: