Company history

History of the company is a stage-by-stage mastering in serial production of new engines each being an event in the development of domestic aero-engine building. They are gasturbine engines AI-20, AI-24, AI-25, AI-25TL, AI-9, TV3-117, D-36, D-136, D-18T, TV3-117VMA-SBM1, AI9-3B, D-36 series 4A, D-436 T1/TP, VK-2500 for Il-18, Il-38, Be-12, An-8, An-10, An-12, An-32, An-24, An-26, An-30, Yak-40, L-39, K-8J, Yak-42, An-72, An-74, An-124 «Ruslan», Àí-225 «Mriya», An-140, An-74ÒÊ-300, Tu-334, Be-200 aircrafts, as well as for Kà-27, Kà-28, Kà-29, Kà-31, Kà-32, Kà-50, Kà-50-2, Kà-52, Mi-8ÌÒ, Mi-14, Mi-17, Mi-171, Mi-172, Mi-24, Mi-25, Mi-26, Mi-28, Mi-35 helicopters. Since 1995 the enterprise was converted into MOTOR SICH Joint Stock Company.

Nowadays the company is engaged in serial production of AI-222-25, D-436-148, AI-450-ÌS, TV3-117VMA-SBM1V aircraft engines for Yak-130, An-148, An-158 aircrafts, Mi-24, Mi-25, Mi-17, Mi-171 helicopters. The intensive preparation for serial production of D-27, Ai-222-25F, Ai-25TLSh, Ai-450Ì, ÌS-500 engines for An-70, L-15, L-39 aircrafts and Mi-2Ì helicopter and others.