The AI-450-MS is an up-to-date gas-turbine auxiliary engine of two-shaft design featuring equivalent power of 222 kW. The engine is to be used in the An-148 passenger plane and other various-purpose planes.

High efficiency of application of the AI-450-MS auxiliary engine built by Motor Sich JSC on the basis of the gas generator of AI-450 gas-turbine engine developed by SE IVCHENKOPROGRESS is provided due to:

    • low SFC resulting from high parameters of thermodynamic cycle, high efficiency of units and choice of construction providing air bleeds from auxiliary compressor;
    • low operating cost.

Main advantages of the engine:

  • generation of compressed air for starting propulsion gas-turbine engines;
  • electrical power supply with 200/115 VAC, 400 Hz, power up to 40 kVA;
  • generation of compressed air for aircraft conditioning system;
  • generation of compressed air for aircraft anti-icing system.

Basic specifications: