This turbofan is a version of the AI-25TL engine mounted in the L-39 and K-8J trainer aircraft. It can power combattrainer modifications of these aircrafts and be adapted to power other existing trainer and combat trainer aircraft and those under development to be used as light attack aircraft. In this respect, a combat power rating of enhanced maximum thrust, employed for strike operations, has been additionally introduced and engine acceleration time has been substantially reduced.

The engine preserves the previous design of automatic control system to provide retrofitting the earlier produced L-39 and K-8J aircraft. At a customer's request, the engine can be modified to be controlled by a FADEC system.

Main advantages of the engine:

  • High reliability ensuring the highest possible flight safety, which is proved by the fact that around 5,000 AI- 25TL engines are operated in 37 countries, their total operating time approaches to 7,000,000 hours;
  • High level of gas-dynamic stability at external disturbances, including those when launching onboard weapons;
  • High fuel efficiency;
  • Insignificant labor and time input for maintenance;
  • Minimum life cycle cost.

Basic specifications: